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ihatemydent profile pic Artist

When I think of "Midnight Movie" T.R.H.P.S. is the first thing that comes to mind. I hope you like it and constructive criticism is always welcome.

Thanks S.W.!


Awesome execution. I love the distortion. I would go with the middle placement but neither shirt color is doing it for me. I might try the characters in full color too. OR you could go the opposite way and make everything really bright and flamboyant. Good work though.

ihatemydent profile pic Artist

I believe the proper term for them is falseys?

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

Awesome. I agree that flamboyant colors would really do this design justice.


WOW! Amazing, one of my fav movies/shows of ALL TIME! Definatly would look better in flamboyant bright colors though, or maybe a black tee with the people in bright colors..perhaps, btu i think goign all bright would be best. Amazing concept, love the design, different colors. I can't wait to buy this tee! ps. love the fact the guy is a tranie


definitely centered...and i agree with another take at the colour scheme. but i would totally buy this in a heartbeat. $5

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