Omen in Space

Design by OliverDemers and goliath72

Omen in Space by OliverDemers and goliath72 on Threadless
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TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Really creepy and awesome!

NW_Studios profile pic Alumni

Cool idea, it's just not terribly well-rendered for what you're trying to do. The combination of hand-painted (which is probably a little higher than your current skill level if you're shooting for photorealism) and stock photos is confusing and muddles the concept. Still, I wish you the best of luck, hopefully this feedback helps with future projects friend.


both of you guys are Amazingly awesome...all designs are very cool..GREAT JOB..HIGH FIVE!

OliverDemers profile pic Artist

Thanks for the tip Dread_Reaper, it would definitely need a bit more work to it to help it blend together more, I probably should've gone with more of a realistic look aside from just a detailed cartoon look (at least now that I look at it, the skull should've been more real).

Also, on a side note, no stock photos, I do everything from scratch :)

OliverDemers profile pic Artist

or at least for this one, no stock photos

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