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id like a shirt with all the pwople and flying carpets and unicorns and everything on it, but without the whole s and d and dollar thing. just all the people hanging out and doing stuff


don't really understand all the people, but it looks like a lot of hard work went into this.


if you consider clipart silhouettes hard work, then yeah.


It seems like kooky love is presenting the idea
that the word --> DOLLAR would better serve
the dollar sign ( $ ) if it was spelled as
SOLLAR since the S and $ are so similar.

kooky love
kooky love profile pic Artist

Thank to all of you :
Kaleidoscopeswe, at 10:14am on Mar 6, 2006
kchs07sweetie, at 11:02am on Mar 6, 2006
5201314, at 1:12pm on Mar 6, 2006
maxandglad, at 2:20pm on Mar 6, 2006
glennerd, at 3:20pm on Mar 6, 2006
bulletsalvador, at 3:57pm on Mar 6, 2006
WallsReallyWork, at 4:27pm on Mar 6, 2006
plans, at 6:17pm on Mar 6, 2006
judeo18, at 10:11pm on Mar 6, 2006
lesquelette, at 11:00pm on Mar 6, 2006
helo, at 11:05pm on Mar 6, 2006
.....especially for helo who catch my idea.

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