Oliloqui Valley

Design by Bunny Dojo

Oliloqui Valley by Bunny Dojo on Threadless
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cool $5


interesting concept




love the Blue


Fantastic Abstract Design! Love the movement of this piece! Ha ha, of course green is my favorite color!


Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

Lovin' the blue. Great looking tee as well!


cool stuff mate. good luck!

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

I'd love the green version on a hoodie :D


I dig it. Works well on the hoodie!


Cool. green/white on hoodie or tee

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Smooth style, I really like how the one thin line in the center of the hoodie back feels like it's made of bullet-proof...er, geometry proof material.

But dude, HOW could you miss the perfect zip hoodie placement for this design, replacing the thin black line with the zipper dividing the left front from the right?!?!?!

Bunny Dojo
Bunny Dojo profile pic Artist

Thank you for all of the votes and comments, I appreciate your support. :)

@FA, I definitely agree with you, and, actually, the whole concept was born from that idea for the zip hoodie. If the powers that be are up for it, I'd certainly be very happy with that placement, but this back started to grow on me (perhaps only because I was staring at the other way for so long).

I certainly agree that it seems like it would work really well that way, though.

Similarly, I changed the color from red to blue right before submission too. It seems silly to work on a design for so long only to make those kind of last minute changes, but it just felt like a solid way to go.

Thanks again, and thanks in particular to those who have posted their favorite color picks! I kept going back and forth on that. :)


very cool


I'm loving this one! Amazing. 5555$ :]

Bunny Dojo
Bunny Dojo profile pic Artist

Thank you again for the kind comments. I'm really excited about the reception for this one.

Bunny Dojo
Bunny Dojo profile pic Artist

Wow, that's quite a compliment. Thanks for the vote of confidence, hopefully you'll have that opportunity! :)


this must be printed i LOVE the way you showed ur creativity in this so different and new...5$

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