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Old Skull by Karnaf on Threadless
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aled profile pic Alumni

No, its got the pallette detail below in yellows. Very nice!

mezo profile pic Alumni

Nice twist on the classic skull & corssbones. I love those "police officer" sunglasses!

cintrao profile pic Alumni

eheheh, nice! i dig it ! Super fiver.


I like the idea - it's clever.

There are some changes that would improve it though:

1) The cap itself needs to be bigger - the peak and the hat itself are out or proportion, so you should keep the peak the same but make the hat bigger.

2) I don't like the skull design - it would look better if it was slightly more realistic looking, i.e. the nose cavity, the cheek bones, and the teeth. Like the gold teeth idea though.

3) The whole design looks a little 'packed in', but I think this could be solved by moving the mics down the shirt a bit. That would also make it look more like a traditional skull and crossbones.

Wicked shirt though. Good luck.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

virmanvunderbar on Mar 27 '07
Ugh. I hate skulls.

You hate skulls, because you don't have one?


i don't like the teeth.
and it looks like he's eating those mics.

the rest, nice design =]


The whole ghetto fab thing is a little played out, except in the ghetto. Lol. The guys in my hood would love ths shirt. Not my style, but I'm giving it a 3 anyway. (Just like I do for any of the half dedent black and pink swirls-around-punk-girl designs.)


LOL talk about bling skulls :p

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