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"You young folks take all of this popularity for granted. 'We're penguins, Gramps! Of course we're cool!'

"Back in MY day, we didn't have all this newfangled business you young chicks are used to. And we weren't in any fancy-pants movies, either. Nowadays you can't spit without hitting some new full-length animated penguin feature. It's ridiculous, that's what it is.

"Used to be, once a decade some poor sap from National Geographic would come down and film us for a thirty-minute special, and that was it. And you know what? That was good enough for us!

"AND we had to walk to school. Up the iceflow, BOTH WAYS."


lolllll... i agree with penguins being overly-hyped. but this doesn't really look like a penguin. it kinda looks like the really fat guy at the pool that you hope to god he doesn't take his shirt off.

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hahaha wonderful! nice details like the webbing of the feet and the bellybutton.


did somebody pluck him?

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Nah. He's old, and all his feathers fell out.

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