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oil diagram by kooky love on Threadless
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staffell profile pic Alumni

OK this is no fair......no fair at all :(:(


looks niiice

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

great detail, funny idea, I'd probably wear this but concerned that all the detail will get lost in the silkcscreen

JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

I've always wondered if the brontosaurus peed with it's leg up or down. Thank you for solving that mystery for me.


hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah 5$

sonmi profile pic Alumni

fossil fuel . . . ha ha


Beautiful, intricate illustration. You've worked wonders with four colours and a truckload of talent.

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

Except from the black lines you used to make it into a block-like shape, I dig this design (see Staffell!!??). Good job!

staffell profile pic Alumni

One problem with this: The pipe that extends to the oilrig is on the edge of the design, but the oilrig isn't :S


ahh, clever clever! it's a nice, complex drawing for such a simple thought; well done.

DrawingEvils profile pic Alumni

I think it's too busy for a shirt.


Two issues:

First. I don't like the dinosaur. Period. It would be much cooler with just the oil drilling.

Second. The drill coming down from the oil platform is off. We're seeing it at the cut-away section of the earth, but it's definitely not entering at that spot. It weirds me out when I look at it.


love the peeing dinosaur and love it on black . . .maybe change the clouds to white, but other than that leave as is! $5


To everyone who doesn't like the dino pee-ing, isn't it kind of critical to the point of the shirt? It is the "oil" afterall. With the oil rig & pipe, maybe its meant to show the refraction by the water?

I love the concept & design. I don't think it is something I would wear, but 5.


Ahaha, awesome.

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