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Oh Rage! 2.0 by tobiasfonseca on Threadless
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ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

it might just be me, but initially i thought that other orange was yawning.

i think for it to truly without a doubt look like it's screaming, the orange's eyes should be wide open.


I like this, but the orange's arms are a little strange. I'd wear it though! :D


Not that I don't like it, but I remember this exact same concept has been done previously (or something really close to it).


I like this, good job. However, I would change one thing, and that's the screaming orange's arms. Too seamonsteresque.


i love those seamonster arms, they make the whole shirt for me... $5


i think it would look better if the orange had no arms, also i agree with ginette


Nice idea, but I agree, there was one called "lemon aid" or something like that, really similar. :)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I've seen this sort of scenario done before, but not quite like this. I agree the orange on the left making the grisly discovery should be a bit more open eyed horror movie screaming than the face and hand motions it has now, which works really well in movies when the shot is above them and slowly pans away to convey the emotion. While not entirely too original, the execution is solid enough and it's a fun idea to keep further exploring.



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