Office Fight

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Office Fight by keithmore on Threadless
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keithmore profile pic Artist

It's been a LONG time since I submitted here. Too long. This is from a watercolor painting I did, so it would be done with simulated process techniques.

I hope everyone likes the shirt.

YaaH profile pic Alumni

very good ;D

Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

Great illustration

alexmdc profile pic Staff

crazy illo! $


I love the depth in this illustration. Nice work.

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

fight club!!! whee :D punch


Looks like a normal day at work :-)

soloyo profile pic Alumni


Pakpandir profile pic Alumni

i think this is cool. Great illo

bengineer profile pic Alumni

great illo!


great illustration and style.. love it... but the mock up on shirt is quite big though.. for me...

ibyes profile pic Alumni

Don't love the border of it, but the rest is
ass kicking great!

keithmore profile pic Artist

Hey everyone, thanks for the comments!

Real quick about the border. This illustration didn't start it's life intended for a T-Shirt, so it's got that rectangular frame kind of built in. I see it being printed large so that some of the image won't be as visible around your sides because of the curve of your body, which should take care of most of the border issues once it's being worn.

Thanks again!

lawrence loh
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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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Awesome illo, great idea (i don't think i've ever seen a really detailed office battle depicted like an ancient war), but the design is creaming out for some more attention to its border to be paid attention to. I know you said your piece originally began its life as something other than a t-shirt design, but the trick now is to understand your medium and make that design fit the t-shirt canvas as complimentary as possible to its unique shape and added dimensions. Resub this please either by decreasing the size and working it in with a border or make it bigger and file down the edges.


The style and technique is great, I don't really like the boxy feeling. FRICKINAWESOME couldn't have described it better.
Scale it to a smaller size, and try not to butcher the key figures of your design, the 4 guys in the foreground.


Geez how should I score it now?
This really deserves a higher score, despite the bad cropping.

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