Offensive nihilistic horoscope

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Offensive nihilistic horoscope by Lopesco on Threadless
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ilovegravy profile pic Alumni

This is the best design from this challenge so far, hahah :D pretty accurate, too. (I say this as an astrology nerd. haha)

HickhopShop nailed me. Oh well, I deserve it. But I am beautiful on the INSIDE! although I don't have a dickhead to show off. UMMM...Something about that last sentence does't make sense.Or maybe it does. Then again maybe not.Did I mention that I have a Masters degree in Fine Arts from an Ivy League school and a TESLA? DO you? The WORLDS MOST PERFECT LIBRA.You may kneel!!!


I love this one!!

Lopesco profile pic Artist

hahahaha great guys! I know some people would love and some would hate... just like actual astrology. I'd never receive an even ammount of 1's and 5's before

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