Octopus on yo shirt

Design by biotwist



5$ I love the flowing design and the anchor that mimics that


i will cry if this one doesn't get printed. loved it from the start! i like the thumbnail color, and the yellow/crimson $5

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sweet, I didn't expect comment all read. what isn't sweet is that what I wrote about the design dint show up so here is something similar to what I said:
thank you for all the feedback its been very helpful but in the end I liked the anchore version better. thanks to Manos also for the nifty template i messed around with

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of man, what a bunch of typos i just made. no more binge posting right before bed

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red on cream is gorgeous, great design


probably the best I've seen today!

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This is like the Octo-tentacle week. I have one pending too. Great idea. I love the simplicity.

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Way yo make another octopus design so dynamic! That movement is great!



Bio-bot 9000
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what's with all these astronau-- oh wait. awesome!!!!

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yeah that's what I was going for. the more complicated this got. the less i liked it. the detail is in the suction nubs. thanks for the love


realy nice work man.

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Great composition and colors! I like the main color scheme the best. High five$

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cool octo. shirt


Beautiful flowing design. Love it.

HorsefaceDee profile pic Alumni

I am not usually a fan of octopus designs but this one is great!!

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fantastic placement on this, it kinda makes the shirt. Not sure about the anchor's chain, it seems a bit out of place and could be a bit more rusty and old-school, but still very nice!


I love the design, but I think I'd only buy it if the blue was a bit darker. Still great though!

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awesome @4

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awesome @4

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my mistike $5


so, molly told me to check out your design because i have an infatuation with octopi /cephalopods, and this shirt is pretty amazing. the flowing design compliments the static nature of the tentacles/anchor line extremely well and the 4 color options youve come up with are all great. im a sucker for red and yellow though, but amazing job on this t.

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oh wow, im happy with this score. thanks for all the comments and votes people. today is also the 90 day aniversary of my elephant shirt that got 3.17 0ut of 5

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I told ya!

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I haven't heard anything from threadless about the elephant shirt getting printing but I Find it interesting on at the very least that this finished scoring on the elephants shirts 90 day anniversary. I don't know I'm supposed to campaign to get it printed or what not but I have seen designs get printed later then 90 days there is always hope. feel free to voice your onions to threadless if you would like to stuff printed but if I can keep getting scores above 3.10 i'm sure its a matter of time. There is a more significance to the elephants 90day anniversary but its personal and I feel like divulging that info just yet.
once again thank you everybody and don't worry because I have sketchbooks full of awesome concepts just waiting to be made.


well there's shirts that have been printed with lower scores than either of yours... i'm kinda shocked that they didn't even give you an e-mail saying its under consideration... wierdness. maybe they thought it would be a tough belt print? i keep wondering the same about this one... maybe it's hard to line it up perfectly or something. both very good designs though...

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it doesent need to be lined up perfectly i gave the design extra bleed as you can see in the link to to the print, when do people actually receive confirmation emails?. this one too, the chain goes up extra high well beyond the printing area so there shouldn't be an issue with it lining up. either way dude Iappreciate the support.

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i love this if not just for the title alone

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congrats! :D


ah ha! just found the teaser! congrats! now i gotta scrounge up money, cuz i really wanted this one!


so cool!

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