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I like the octopus. I don't like the bar across the shirt. Either no bg or a blobby, inky, drippy thing would be better for me. (my opinion though. the bar isn't wrong, I'm just not fond).


it feels like he is posing...


I like the octopus (cool shading), but not the blue bar or the yellow shirt. maybe you could put it on a blue shirt instead of the blue bar for one of the options.


i sayyyy... lower it, change not only the colour of the bar, but also the angle of it.... might work better


I love the come-hither-posing pink octopus. I don't like the bar. He's better on green than that light yellow; I'd like to see him on charcoal. Or her. Whichever s/he is.

Made me think of "Peel me a grape!"


It needs the stripe, but you need to mess with the placement and width of said stripe. 'tho maybe it is a 'strip' in light of that shameless pose the occy is in. I'm with ellenwebby, cephlapods are tres cool.

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