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antisocial profile pic Artist

hahhaa, well, thanks for your imput.
I realize it looks nothing like a pie, and I just threw this together to see what everyone thought of the idea.

My first idea was to have a piece of pie, with parts of octopi sticking out.


i dont really get it :-\ its random, but not in a good way..

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

it's a sponge

nice octopus, thank you I just had it stuffed. maybe put something more recognizable in the buuble or lose the bubble completely and put a little scuba man next to him, like when they show pics of scuba divers next to whael sharks or bluw whales etc....

one scuba diver, mybe with a flshlight illuminating a small area on the octopus as if he has no idea what he is looking at

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