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Man, the artwork on this is awesome, but you might be stepping on Phineas X. Jones' toes with the Octophant. Still, a great illustration.


nice colours


hey! i'm glad you like my design but you don't have to link me yours. i actually score every design that comes up so don't worry about that. it is sort of seen as rude though to link your design in the comments, so if you've been doing this a lot today other people might come by to say that...

if you want to advertise your design though you should make a blog or something. goodluck.


cool design :)


a fantastic first sub!


I certainly didn't mean to cause a firestorm here. I know Phineas' work and admire it very much. I also know like ideas spring up independently, which is probably the case here. It's happened to me before, and given enough time it will happen to just about everyone. Like I said before, I think you did a great job on the artwork. Personally I can't get behind it as a print simply because I identify the Octophant as Phineas so much, but I do feel for you in this situation.

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Totally different than the other octophant, i really like the style of the trunks a ton.


Nice to see it up, but not sure on the nautilus having changed from spewing water to spewing vomit.


this is totally bad ass.


I think that it is sufficiently different from the original idea. The split trunk is new and it is also a totally different style and feel. It has an earthy, spiritual look to it. I love it to death. If it gets printed i'll buy it.


Please, evaluate the update of my print "Calorie Prison"?


An elephargasm is what I just had

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