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Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

Trained in the deepest cavern of the Loch Ness Monster's underwater lair, the Octo-Ninja is mercilessly tested to withstand immense pain by being beaten daily with electric eels, and to live life amongst the shadows like its Loch Ness ninja master teaches. Not even deformed karate turtles or an army of swashbuckling swordfish stand a chance against its tentacles of lightning! Another stealthy collaboration by Flying Mouse and FRICKINAWESOME.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Thanks a lot guys so far for the kind words! Yeah, there have been a ton of octopi subs lately (lately as in as long as ive been on this site), but Flying Mouse and I felt we needed to bring this hooded beast of the deep to light for everyone to watch out for the next time they go in water deeper than a small puddle. By the way, Octo-Ninja would tear apart that player hater tentacled beast in the Lord of the Rings movie...

SethKlok profile pic Alumni

The illo's great, but the color scheme doesn't say "ninja" or "ocean depths" to me. Still kewl tho'.


cool image -- James Bond wouldn't stand a chance against this skilled beast

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

great character 5$


Haha, this guy would pwn my aqua-team. =P


GLORIOUS! :) This shirt would make a wonderful addition to my wardrobe . I hope it gets printed

nintechno profile pic Alumni

Nice! 5$

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

I wont begrudge you two for submitting an oft used animal. Octopi are some of the most shapely and versatile animals in the world, they are a great tool for an artist. That said, this doesnt do too much new, but it is well illustrated with nice subtle colors. 4.

herky profile pic Alumni

great collab and illustration, love the colors and patterns on the octopus.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Once again, thanks everyone for the words of (mostly) kindness! Ste7en, I think combining these concepts successfully is actually something pretty new, especially with the visual of a ninja star in each tentacle. It's not celebrity fruit with faces, but most things aren't my good man!


I love this, and if it's not printed I will cry.


Eh, just saw this sub!
cool shirt. $5!!

dacat profile pic Alumni

If this is printed, I will buy!

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