Ocean Pun Fun

Design by madelynlove

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Kojima profile pic Alumni

My favorite is the bling bling goldfish. Awesome lighting effects! $5


agree with the first comment^

staffell profile pic Alumni

It's a good sign that I recognised all of them without having to look at your list.

Could be a print.


I like the model more than the shirt.


i feel like the design is slightly too high on the shirt.

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

awesome! 5


i agree with nitrous


oh i was like.. what is that? money fish? pimp fish?

jrmasm profile pic Alumni

this very well done. looks great on a shirt.


I love the theme!

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

It doesn't have the same kind of polish that your last few subs have, but its still pretty nice, and creative too.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Since you didn't do anything creative with the presentation, im gonna have to axe this one instantly. KIDDING! lol. But seriously, i'd really like this design if you made the jokes standf out a bit more, perhaps making all the characters a tad bigger, and exaggerating many of the visual puns to serve the joke more, such as making the seahorse's head MUCH bigger than the body (and maybe in mid neigh), the jellyfish being multicolored and looking more and shaped more like a jello mold, the goldfsih being abit more blinged out (or presented in gold foil), the hammerhead's head done a bit more upfront, etc. It's a fun concept that needs some refining...i know you were probably going for subtleness in this one, but visual jokes aren't known to work with their subtlety. Nice tho. 3.


You could've also maybe done a Lionfish pun.

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