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Oc-Tie by TheDesktopZombie on Threadless
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Ru Chery

awesome work DesktopZombie!! I wish you the best of luck!!


Please don't spam other peoples' blogs, thanks.

TheDesktopZombie profile pic Artist

sorry for the link on ur blog...just wanna get some votes.. :(


cool one $5


A fellow octopi enthusiast. I approve :)


Great Job ! I love it. Maybe you could make the tie more pointed, like it is in real (maybe use a squid head better than the octopus for is pointed head)

staffell profile pic Alumni

Please don't self promote on other people's designs. It's common sense/courtesy.

TheDesktopZombie profile pic Artist

so much for a little self promotion....Can I just apologize to anyone who was offended by my link after my comments, and that be that....I haven't done it since the first mention, so please stop leaving comments about that and focus Honestly on the design being submitted...SoRrY many times over to those who where offended...Now I hope that I can see more good comments about my work.

TheDesktopZombie profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comments...I'd like to hear some more..?

TheDesktopZombie profile pic Artist

so much for say something nice...I apologize if I posted a link on your thread. It was apparently not the right way to get votes. I'd really like to read some nice things about my submission and not rants about links.


Awesome design, I love everything about it. If it were still up for voting it'd be a 5 for me.

TheDesktopZombie profile pic Artist

the new things happening at threadless made it impossible to see all the comments after staffell until voting ended...kinda wonder if all the votes even got recorded?? I know that the days left for voting were never consistent so im left to wonder...Thanks to all who voted and i hope the next designs i do get better chances and comments.

Musarter profile pic Alumni

Man, the concept and art is super good. The color is not doing it for me. Still a really great design.


I like it bro. I personally think the colors go well together. High five for this bro.

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