Obey the music

Design by Montro

Obey the music by Montro on Threadless
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Montro profile pic Artist

When it comes to music, nature knows best...


carmencita- if you like it and would buy it then $4, because after the contest is over you still would wear the shirt

montro- i think they are right. not your strongest design, while still pretty cool. i enjoy looking at all the poses and that it makes a tree. would look pretty sweet on the shirt if it was HUGE. welcome back.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Really elegantly done. Not my favorite for the contest, but to answer carmencita's question, just vote it based on any other submission on Threadless, because Threadless prints a bunch of designs that were in each contest as regular submission winners after the contest is said and done. 4$


I've seen it done before, but it's nice.

chopanier profile pic Alumni

Me likey!! 5$


I really like the way it looks on the tee $4


on white and have the bird down the bottom or on the sleeve

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