\"O Curious Stranger, Where Do We Grieve?\"

Design by spires

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the czar

Cool. Like the face in the tree. Like the orange or yellow shirt with the placement as shown in green.


lose the girl!!!!


i think this would be awesome for normal compotition not little miss sunshine but still a great design

spires profile pic Artist

yeah, it doesn't have to be for sunshine. It can be for either comp.

I'm thinking about Halloween up ahead, perhaps.

mrs. squid

I like red. $5

spires profile pic Artist

the red tears are just to contrast the green. They may be morbid, yes. Since there are objections, just imagine that red as turquoise or magenta; some other color that will contrast with green.

The red isn't the point, but rather the contrast. Thanks for alerting me, though :)


nice job spires! keep crankin' out those great designs of yours!

ps, rorscach (sp?) is one of my favorite threadless shirts :)

spires profile pic Artist

Thanks to everyone for the support so far!


like the illustration and the style

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