nun's don't use tampons?

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nun's don't use tampons? by awoodward on Threadless
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extremely original, and hilarious, but theres no way this is going on a shirt. but kudos on the balls.


disturbing, too much red

deep space monkey
deep space monkey profile pic Alumni

You've certainly generated some controversey, and I applaud. And, the simplicity and "how to" nature of the thumbnail is genious.


Word mincing here. Tacky shows a lack of taste on the side of the tasteless, cheap and, flashy. Forgetting the subject matter for a second. The design is efficient, simple, and clean. If it's tacky at all I would point to the blood pool and nipples. I get that the nipples show both nudity, and make the image more assailing. But if you take away both the nipples and the execss blood the image begins to communicate the idea more efficiently. The subject matter being now regarded, yeah it's vulgar as h***. Work on your hands and feet as they seem a bit odd. mayhaps simplify the form more. I get the impression of having worked on top of a source picture. The way the form is rendered gives me that impression. What looks right is better for design than what 'is' right. Tinker with out the source.
-In response "you should be excommunicated for this sacrilege" That's an assumption. Have a sense of humor about yourself. Lord knows everyones else probably does.


The only thing I see that's tacky about this is the pool of blood at her feet. The religious aspect of this is great, as the Catholic Church spends a lot of energy trying to make human beings as sterile and loveless as possible. She may be a nun, but she's still a woman, dammit.


wow... just... wow...


I think it is great! I agree with Naive that the feet are a little odd and that the nipples and pool of blood are superfluous.
But that note is on the packaging for a good reason.
A lot of girls are so convinced that sexuality is all they have to offer the world that they are willing to inconvenience themselves, give up their daily lives or forego the things that they ought to be doing (like training fo the swim team?) because they are worried that tampons will somehow take away part of their worth.


I love this.
I also went to a Catholic high school, but am not religious myself. I have never been a fan of the Catholic religion and this design says a lot to me in how women are protrayed and how they govern themselves according to rules some old dudes with god-complexes have invented.
Agree, I think the nipples are over kill. I give you a 5$ anyway!

staffell profile pic Alumni

holy shit


the concept is great tough I don't like the way you drew it :(


lol! where's pseudonymjones?


wtf, dude. I was raised Roman Ctholic and I'm so not offended. It's not gonne get printed :[ but I still think it's dunny.


funny, wtf. rawr. Irony since I'm in English class.


it's just ugly, really.

no talent required. no skill necessary, just an idea and rogue attitude toward design.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Agree with beanboy. Those drawn instructions are COMEDY GOLD!


Hahahahaahah $5


Hahahaaaaaaa. groooossssssss. And funny. And gross. I'm so torn.


it would be somewhat less disturbing on a canvas or album cover... I like the idea of the blood coming from a heart and that things are growing from it, but it's too graphic for a tee shirt (at least one that I would wear). Also, not fond of the pink nipples. The fact that she's a nun gives it the potential to cause strangers to argue with me. Why is her face dark and her body white? It definately gets people thinking and talking, but I couldn't see wearing it to my mom's house.


and the thumbnail is yucky


nice idea and great design. i give it a 5 but i dont think i could wear it.


My guess is that when you submitted this, you were hoping for alot of comments...I must say that, as much as I loathe the design, you have succeeded beyond your expectations.


what the fuck, im catholic, not the best one but am one, this is fucking horrible. thats sick. this is probably the only time i havent taken a second thought to giving a 0.


this is hilarious, and i think it's pretty good except for the pool of blood at her feet. someone said this was the worst they'd seen? i guess they've been missing a lot of the things i've scored recently.


I really like this shirt! I would so walk around sporting this it! Dont listen to those idiots saying you are tasteless and that its gross.. its fucking awesome!
I doubt it will be, but if it would get printed I would love it! 5$!!


how DARE you! i would never wear BOOBS on a shirt! ehehe


Nun's have bloody plant periods...and are naked when doing so? Opposite of a big fan of this one honestly.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

wow...i didn't know nuns bleed tropical forests out of their hoo-haws! You get a 5$ just for letting me in on this amazing insight! Actually no, this gets a 1 because i'm not into the style or the concept, but hey, at least you tried something different, i suspect for the shock value and to be noticed however.


Revolting. Totally revolting.


oh my.


gross. the nipples are a bit much


W...T...F... this just went WAY over the line.


people are ridiculous and need to get over themselves. If you're offended by this i think you need to grow up or wake up. Go submit this to, you'll have a better chance of getting it printed there. I think its an interesting idea, decent design but i wouldnt walk around with a girl menstrating on my shirt shrugs but dont let sex and/or religion stop you from designing something. I have a shirt that says "every time you see a rainbow God is having gay sex"....and im sure pisses off ppl all the time but i could care less.


You made the noise and the design is very well made, but countless have said here - this is unwearable.


Insulting & obnoxious. Menstruation is not disturbing and disgusting, it's natural. But this shirt is an attack. Nuns are human women &, therefore, menstruate. They give up married life for a life of being closer to God. What's wrong with that? Does it mean they're not fulfilled in some way? Just because many never have sex (some are widows, etc) doesn't make them any less of a woman. The underlying assumption is nuns aren't fully women & only women who have sex are. Silly. Insulting, obnoxious, & silly.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Still LOLing.


does nobody actually read the submitters comment? this is funny in a "it makes my ovaries hurt" hert kind of way. i guess that's good. and i second the submitting this at they'll love it... possibly

sonmi profile pic Alumni

mwa ha, nuntastic


Maybe it'd be better with a darker red, and err, less nipples?


This would gross out so many people. no joke. well, you can tell from all the comments, but wearing it on a t-shirt would make alot of people look... and probably throw up. ha. i like that.


Er.. Ew. Though I am enjoying all of these comments.


Sorry, but this design is offensive and stupid, plus all the other adjectives people have been using. Don't waste your talent on crap like this.

R_G profile pic Alumni

you are crazy


I mean really, who uses scented tampons anymore?

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

come on threadless. Print this already!!! ;)

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

J-Ray on Jan 26 '07

cute!! perfect for a kids shirt!!!


Haha definitely! Win win win!


A P O S T R O P H E E R R O R.


the thumbnail IS better, folks! hahahha

courtney pie

littlem on Jan 24 '09
the thumbnail IS better, folks! hahahha

oh man! the thumbnail is ... awesome

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