Nuclear Knockout

Design by _Wheels03

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It reminds me too much of the Curious George Sniffs Ether shirts.

Rock Deputy
Rock Deputy profile pic Alumni

mysterious girls? hanging around barrels of smelly toxic spillage? This speaks to me.

You've really connected with a previously unrepresented fetish group out here. This is truly HOT. I'm glad you took the time to make clear that the barrel is full of foul smelling TOXIC waste... rather than foul smelling regular waste, which would have been totally UNsexy...

_Wheels03 profile pic Artist

Wow, I think the Maxim and Wired campaign has got this place noticed! I have over 800 scores, that's a new record for me.


Girl is great.

Eye crossed out... Not great...
Writing.... Doesn't fit...
3. Cut the Cliche

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