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dj_bolt profile pic Artist

I thought of this design after reading into some facts and stats about deforestation.

Rainforests are powerhouses! Scientists estimate that over half of the world's animal species live in rainforests. They also estimate that every day, 50 - 100 animal and plant species are wiped out - all because of deforestation.

We need to do something to help resolve this problem.... otherwise our rainforests are going to end up exactly like the design on my shirt.

Hope you all like my shirt!



This is obviously the work of a highly skilled artisan. Tell me, stranger, how DO you beat off all the women?

Keep up the good work, fuzzy little man peach.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Sad but true. Maybe add some more dimension to the idea, like a completely hacked and slashed background everyone is standing on, and maybe one scared and tiny bird on top of the tree?


Social Commentary- God bless America

dj_bolt profile pic Artist

I'm not American.

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