Noun: Hope

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Noun: Hope by 2085 on Threadless
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love it, but not with the dog.


I don't think you need to "lose the dog", but I do agree with what someone said that it would look cool if it had a big Shadow, but that might take away from the meaning and based on what you said it is not even a puppy so, ehh. I def. think this is one of the best yet, it is very stand alone and I would $ dog or no dog!

.onion profile pic Alumni

the style of the dog and the blooming plant is really bad. i love the shadow of the flower, though :] maybe you could add a shadow of a grown dog (what hannabear said), but ONLY if you don't simply take it out, cause i think that puppy is really ugly - -; sorry.

the brown is best, the green is too garish.


the matter with the dog is that its so damn cutie... but it´s an excellent design


Sodacap_bum, at 4:58pm on Apr 17, 2006
i agree with hannabear

i think the following.

a) lose the puppy
b) keep the puppy and make his shadow big too.
c) make the green a little more subtle and not so GREEN!! because it's an annoying green against the pretty brown and sweet color of the puppy.

otherwise, very very good sub

same here but i like the very visable green AWESOME design i htink ill just give it a 5$ in case u never get around to fixing it

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