Not Too Late

Design by Mikko Terva

Not Too Late by Mikko Terva on Threadless
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Mikko Terva
Mikko Terva profile pic Artist

check out my profile page and head over to my flickr to see a bigger version of this design. thanks for the vote!

beesneak profile pic Alumni

Really nice:)

andyg profile pic Alumni

Awesome! 5 I wouldn't mind seeing more cleavage actually. haha


Real women have boobs!


what are people freaking out about the small cleavage showing... women have boobs... and its not like its in poor taste

great stuff 5

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

I suppose people haven't actually ever seen a female lean forward with her arms together like that? Even the lesser endowed of us naturally get the cleavage action. Don't be mad that this artist is staying true to physics. =) Beautiful illustrationl, one of the better subs I've seen, imho.


keep the cleavage ffs! bunch a' freaks who dont want women to look like women


very pretty. kinda has the same stitch quality as the bsweber sub running right now. the two shirts could meet and fall in stylistic love.


looks really nice (cleavage & all)


nicely done

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

awesome -


no problem with the cleavage, it isn´t a big deal.
Maybe it´s my computer but the colour of the Tee is kind of dark and washes away the art...

Mikko Terva
Mikko Terva profile pic Artist

hmm camilapj, I think it has to do with mac gamma vs pc gamma. I use a mac so it might look a bit dark on a pc.

beesneak profile pic Alumni

Looks perfect on my machine.

beesneak profile pic Alumni

HP Pavilion notebook pc

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