Not Enough Magic in That Old Silk Hat They Found

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Not Enough Magic in That Old Silk Hat They Found by TerdFergusson on Threadless
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creepy is right


I just recently read something like this or it was on a tv show or something. It's gonna bug me until I figure it out.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

This is the best idea for the beginning of a mystery novel I've ever seen.

courtney pie

yea, it was on Pushing Daisies

BaronVonMonkey profile pic Alumni

Hahaha. Terrifying, yet strangely brilliant. This could be a great premise for like a Christmas special of "Murder, She Wrote"


Thank you! Pushing Daisies. I knew I saw it somewhere.

If anyone hasn't seen this show, you need to. It's awesome.


yeah pushing daisies... but this is actually creepier because in that, there were whole bodies hidden inside snowmen, but this is just a skeleton... so how long has it been there? or did the snowman have a skeletal system? and which would be freakier?

anyway, i love this. $5


cool idea, creepy wrapped in happy, those are some bad kids that made that snowman


that is one creative way of hiding a body..


great for xmas time


I love the text so much I wish it could be printed on the shirt somewhere beside inside with my size. Maybe you could put it on the back or something?


With the angle of my screen I see a weird rectangle around the buttons.

BACONnEGGS profile pic Alumni

are you kidding me! i wish i saw this sooner so i could vote 5$! this is awsome! it should have scored a 3

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