Not a real Dr.

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Not a real Dr. by DesignbyProxy on Threadless
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Oh I want this right now!! but maybe on blue . . . .


Good job! $5

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

great job said bob to todd about claude $5


Hahahahahaha, this is great. A+ Rolf.

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Very funny! You have a lot of wit and hilarious ideas... I think with that sort of content, your subs really shine!


I can imagine Dr. Seuss saying "UH OHS!" The mouf is perfect.


yeaher... 5$... still wondering about other colors?


Awesome. $5

DesignbyProxy profile pic Artist

Let's start with what's wrong with your comment.

There isno capital H, not comma after dude, a question mark does not follow "ideas" thus making "the" uncapitalized. Dr Seuss is misspelled, once again, a comma splice and I is not capitalized, no period at the end.

Your comment is hardly english, and I refuse to accept it.

DesignbyProxy profile pic Artist

Mais, oui. Je parle Francais...y espanol. Como se dice idioto en anglais?

But that's besides the fact. To PARODY Dr. Seuss's stylings and characters and say that he wasn't a real doctor is entirely my idea. Is Knight rider not olli's idea, or Keeping it real not aled's idea just because they have david hasselhoff and mario on them? Your logic is flawed good sir.


ii want it, i hope it gets printed.

DesignbyProxy profile pic Artist

post a design. let me see your creativity.

DesignbyProxy profile pic Artist

my attitude? haha. I'm just pointing out the obvious. Yeah. the cat in the hat is from Dr. seuss. but this is called a parody, so it's perfectly fine, otherwise it'd never made it to voting. There's no reason for someone who hasn't even posted a design to make such a snyde comment about my design. Threadless even has reminders to "keep it friendly". It's not my fault if someone doesn't get the joke but to make a rude comment out of nowhere... makes no sense.

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