Not A Real Doctor

Design by bananaphone

Not A Real Doctor by bananaphone on Threadless
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bananaphone profile pic Artist

I don't look at many mens dicks, But I must say it looks about as much like a penis as any worm would.


Hey, I remember when that music video was on Nickelodeon's "Kablam!!" yay.


this one, i like! great job!


dibs on Spider by TMBG
(for a design)


that would be a pretty sorry looking peen.

$$$$$ I love me some TMBG

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

God i hate the word peen. I suppose when I actually learn how to make objects that i see in real life or swirl around in my head out of lines that come from some kind of implement in my hands (that means drawing), I should call dibs right now on "Fingertips" and "Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love." Damn, why hasn't there been a TMBG's contest on Threadless yet? Screw reprints...let's rally for a contest people! Bananaphone, for once, I actually like something you submitted into the site's competition. No offense, I just dig cleaner designs than what you normally do. this, I like. Way to bridge the gap on this one. $$$$4$$$$.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Nicely balanced & poised.
Just the way worms should be.


hahaha nearly tops the potatoe muncher monster.


yes, amazing, again


Dude, what's with everybody saying your illustrations have penises (penii?) in them? Guess what: Rockets and worms look phallic because they are a single shaft-like object.

"Dude, did you see that penis?"

"Yeah, it looked like a wormish carrot rocket!"


bananaphone profile pic Artist

haha maybe my next design ought to be "my penis looks like a carrot, a rocket, a plunger, a gatorade bottle...

etc. etc."

Trimm Trabb

I love the song, I love the shirt. $5.


I really like that you included your random thoughts into the design this time.

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