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it's a rework of an old design, for this contest, being aware of the copyright issues and playing with the pixels. I Hope you'll like it...i can do color variations if you want, but i thought that greyscale was peaceful and classy here...see you!

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thanks! about the colors, i can do alternative ones...but as i don't see a lot of comments, i think it's not necessary here ;-)


i really like how your doing black and white designs at the moment. I give this a $5 as well.

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@ NomesMcFly: oh thanks! i just realized that i've made greyscale designs since my "Oil Mutation" (beginning of september) ! perhaps it's my mood of the moment lol

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well, i think i reworked it too much in a hurry, i am not quite satisfied with it, to be honest...the only one in the contest which is very satisfying, in concept and execution, and i took the time to work with a pretty good result is Gamer's Syndrom version 2 (even the first one was not good)... it's here: click here to see it

i feel that i should have seen the contest earlier, because i love the theme...and 3 subs i made are pretty bad...i feel bad for that, it's not my style to send sub without being completly satisfied...anyway, thanks for comments! i still hope the fourth one will have a good score :)

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