North for Winter

Design by d3d

North for Winter by d3d on Threadless
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wullagaru profile pic Alumni

this is awesome


lol thats awesome, I laughed at this for quite a while!


That goose messed up Superman's
left index finger. There's an extra knuckle.

Funny concept, but the sound
effect sounds like the death of
the bird which takes away from
the humor. Maybe something
like " Ploof ! " instead.

d3d, you are so good at
incorporating the shirt
color in designs that
need 5 colors. Nice work.

d3d profile pic Artist

he's not punching it, just crashing into it. and i agree i could have drawn the goose better. i dunno about the copyright issue but i could easily hide the logo in a fold of cape if i had to.


i like it a lot
crit: his leg far leg looks funky, as does his near fist
the bird on the bottom left needs legs
still awesome!


It looks like he's attacking the geese.


This is awesome, I hope they print it!


wowww great job! I am a big superman fan, and this is so funny!


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