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I think that's Brilliant

Kojima profile pic Alumni

I like the diagonal line work.

BasicShift profile pic Artist

I think this one is the closest to a real "outsider art" feel I've created to date -- and the Bananaphone comparisons are fair I think as he has promoted a similar style here for a long time...

With pieces like this I'm really striving to get closer to the poetry/art hybrid concept - originally it sprung out from some folk art works I was looking into and it's heavily influenced by artists out there in this realm such as Dubuffet, Wolfli, and to some extent Kelly D. Williams...


i agree, there is a similarity to bananaphone, but this is much...i don't know, softer. i quite like it.


very lovely, although it reminds me a bit of a nun

grayehound profile pic Alumni

this movement you and bphone champion is very very interesting, both visually and conceptually. keep up the great work


Ace! I'd say it was more stinger vs sonmi than BP.


hm, think this is my fav of this theme so far. Nice one.

BasicShift profile pic Artist

Steve -- thanks for the comment, I think you tied up what I was trying to say earlier nicely... nothing new under the sun here...

In creating the work I felt the message was strong -- and maybe didn't see the need to "broadcast" it as loudly maybe. I also really felt I wanted to connect to the idea of "inner strength" a quieter force that enables so many people to live their lives happily as they appreciate what they have, and not what they are missing -- I think ultimately that's the concept that brought about the colors. I imagine someone seeing it softly and wanting to explore it more, or someone buying it knowing that it conveys a message they love but arent interested in having it read from afar.


bananaphone is the next trend!!

Joshua s

Freaky but nice. Not something I'd wear, but it is interesting. A bit hard to read, needs to have a smidge more contrast.

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