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no swimming by geraud76 on Threadless
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bortwein profile pic Alumni

How many more "looking through the woods" designs are we going to see at threadless?

After saying that, I do like the color on this design. That is probably the one thing that makes this the most appealing to me.


the stylistic differences between the dude and the shark kinda throw me.. it makes it look like they aren't on the same plane. it's pretty, but yeah, i think i've had enough of this type of design for now. :/


without the sign, without the flowery border, without the cartoony whale thing, and add in a giant squid rendered the same way as the nautaulus and its a solid 3.

.onion profile pic Alumni

eh, there are too many small annoyances in this design for it to appeal to me... the shark and the hunter have such different styles, and i have no idea what movie that ship came from ._.; the sign is alright (why are there bullet holes in it?), but if it's a sign warning sharks not to swim, then why is it in the foreground, above water? and what do all the flowers have to do with this? (btw, i do like the flower border :P ) and the clouds look off. sorry, this design is just off.

but i like the idea :]


I like the concept, but the design is just so inconsistant.

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