No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service

Design by castle

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service by castle on Threadless
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castle profile pic Artist

Please enjoy my drawing of SHOES! Cause you've always wanted to stick to those convenience stores. (It was made with traditional india ink on paper.)

It would not be printed with black ink, but a rich dark color like the pictured burgundy.

Shirt color options can be found in my blog.


i luv it.... on that light blue tho at the bottom... but i think if it was on the bottom where i think i like it better, it should be a bit smaller....BUT awsum drawing =D =]]

ISABOA profile pic Alumni



wow, i really like this


one time i found a pair of those fancy looking shoes on the street corner.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Nice shoes....and there's so much action in the hatching & angle of them! I also really dig the red ink on blue. Sweet. 4


looking at the thumbnail, i thought this would be super lame. you sure proved me wrong. it's awesome!

castle profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comments!

-I'm going to have to strongly disagree that it looks like two right shoes


i've seen a painting much like this before, i forgot the artist though X]

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