No Requests! [Neon Vintage]

Design by Robsoul

No Requests! [Neon Vintage] by Robsoul on Threadless
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Robsoul profile pic Artist

Don't ask me to change the track when I'm listening to my music! This is also inspired by a vid I saw with old dancers doing the Charleston set to Daft Punk, merging the old with the new to create something really interesting. On bright yellow, white or turquoise, maybe even black.


I really like this one. Great colors. Must have the no requests on the back.


What is it with Threadless submitters and Victorolas?

mezo profile pic Alumni

Magenta + teal = SEX


really good!!


I freaking love this...I'm a big Daft Punk person, too. :]
I love it.

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

5$ on center yeller

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Honestly, I think this could use a bit more work and could be something special. Right now it doesn't really stand out from the Victrola pack of the contest, but i like the colors and this whole thing could be bigger and use a lot more crazy in it! Don't be mad at me! lol.

hogboy profile pic Alumni

love it

Robsoul profile pic Artist

Streetsounds, not sure, do you have a link? I have a huge record colllection but ti's mainly house, techouse, downtempo, triphop and d&b. I do have boxes of oldies in the garage though.

Robsoul profile pic Artist

Damn, I've been compared to a Hot Topic best seller now. My mission in life is complete... ahhhhhh

Robsoul profile pic Artist

I guess I got "I Came To Dance" from them as well.

Robsoul profile pic Artist

Thanks, Pester4Peace and everyone else.

Robsoul profile pic Artist

Holy crap, they do have a tee that's "rather" similar to my "I Came To Dance" design.

ladrones profile pic Alumni

wierdddddddddddd where's all the comments for this radical radicle design?


Love the colors.
totally for the lower left personally.
but i wish the white Tee version had some yellow in it.

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