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I don't know what else to say other than $5.


the idea is really good, and the execution is even better.


Great concept and execution... $5

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

I would probably say you are the most brilliant and technically best illustrator on Threadless. Your work is amazing, 5$.


amazing!!! you have my $5




Ridiculously well done. $5 and many cool points.

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

you should do illustrations for magazines etc. It's awesome.
I personally don't wear shirts like these though. Respect


Awesome, just awesome. And I don't think it's a newspaper, I think it's a blueprint (to eclipse's comment). I'd absolutely wear this. Great job, though I'm sure you must already know that. $5

herky profile pic Alumni

super illustration and execution. I think the other fellow is reading a "snowflake blueprint" not a newspaper btw. I also think the walls are essential to the design (kind of like an office workspace).


WOW. The detail in the carved-out parts is just brilliant. I don't think I'd wear it, but 5$ anyway, cause this needs to be printed


wow, thats beautifully done.


sweet jesus this is good. love the concept, the detail, the use of colour... everything. $5 and a print for sure.


Wow. What amazing talent you have. Please, keep them coming. $5.



cbuchholz profile pic Artist

Thank you all so much for the comments! Huebucket, I'd buy all of your designs! If your design "fish and water" doesn't get printed I'll be shocked.


Fantastic! It's like a Glennz but with detail!

Like that there's almost 2 readings of this- the intended flake fairies or scientists unearthing a giant snowflake.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

wow this is what id expend from glennz on a good day. Amazing technical design.


nice nice nice nice nice... this should be printed... who do you work for??? $5


this is crazy awesome! $5


dang ol! kick ass

staffell profile pic Alumni

this is absurdly good 5



mezo profile pic Alumni

This is fucking INSANE! 5$

hogboy profile pic Alumni

holy crap ... uh $5

steven218 profile pic Alumni

my new favourite threadlartist.


cpdesign profile pic Alumni

I give you mad props on this man. That is hot. Great detail. Must have taken a while to create. $5 I'd buy it.


that looks really great. . .


those men must be VERY little :D


i love your explanation of this! that alone gets you a 5


fan-frick-tastic! 5$

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

All your work is technically huge. The idea here is great! 5

R_G profile pic Alumni

this is amazing, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I want to thank you for this amazing design, I wont ask for this to get printed cause Im sure it will be!!! nice work its fucking awesome!!!!!!!!


For serious, this is an absolute masterpiece. Good work!


great imagination!

fc gravy

wow! the illustration is great!


This is so definately gonna win, congrats. Awesome work, great colouring and concept.

cbuchholz profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the comments everybody! ECmasters, I'll email you.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

wow, man. your illustrations are awesome. the time and effort spent is very evident. great concept as well.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

A wonderful design! :) The detail is amazing, and I love the story behind it. I'd buy it, definately!

Alex M. Solefish

Oh, my God. I'd like this, right at this very moment in time.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

This is STELLAR! Wow, this is....I need this in a hoodie or long sleeve shirt to wear in the winter. I need this NOW! $5!!!!! Print this ASAP Threadless. Please!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

i am SOOOO glad to see all the 5's and $'s as i scroll down to hoist copious amounts of well-deserved praise about this design. I'd like it to say "NO REPEATS" a little bigger or have it stand out more so people can instantly understand its meaning, but maybe there is no way to improve perfection. Incredible. 5+$$$$$$$$$$$$$etc.

Ava Adore

oh wow,
instant print!


gorgeous!!!! I need to rock this one!! I agree - no repeats needs to be bit bigger.

cbuchholz profile pic Artist

Thanks again everybody for the comments! Thanks for the suggestion about the size of the "NO REPEATS" sign, although I tend to like it the size it is. I didn't want the sign to be a huge dominant part of the illustration, I wanted it to be more like an extra detail you discover after looking at the tee more closely. Kind of like a small "safety comes first" sign you'd see in a picture of a factory warehouse, if that makes sense. Right now I agree that the sign is too small and hard to read, but if this were to be printed I think it would be large enough. Again, thanks for all the comments!

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Now that's CLASS!

bortwein profile pic Alumni

They need to just skip the rest of the scoring time and just print this in time for Mid December. 5$

franx profile pic Alumni

wow, great illustration. very well done!


oy vey! love your style, the placement, colors, etc. to conclude-uber amazing $5


omg beautiful snowflake :3

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

top notch.


This is really cool. I love snowflakes and I would be very happy to buy this.


$5 great concept, and brilliant execution.
ps the text on the side reminds me of a bright eyes song. just a random side note, but yeah, i dig the sub.

cbuchholz profile pic Artist

Thank you all for the comments! I definately had alot of fun working on this, and I'm glad you guys appreciate it. Good call "appear my dear"! The words "careful hand with an absolute concept of beauty" are a partial Conor Oberst quote.


This would be my first purchase if printed. Simply amazing.

cbuchholz profile pic Artist

Those are big shoes to fill! I have a ton of respect for glennz, and I have a long way to go before I can ever accept a comparison to him. Besides, I think we have a similar style of illustration, but he has a sense of humor that I could never imitate.

spires profile pic Alumni

Missed the opportunity to score, but does it matter? $5

You have stellar talent.


I'm commenting long after I scored because I critiqued it in the blogs so now I'm rehashing it here:

It is a fantastic illustration but the concept is overwrought. There's too much detail. The arresting and powerful part of the image is in the people carving the ice block. The rest is unnecessary and doesn't add much to what's already conveyed by the central image. We know no two snowflakes are the same. The wonder and beauty of a handcrafted object is that no two objects are the same. That's all right there in the central part of the image. The sign is actually a snipe of condescension that kills a bit of the magic. No skilled artisan in the world, except maybe one with an unimaginative, soul-sucking, Dilbert-esque boss, would have a sign on the wall of the studio saying "NO REPEATS". The design only needs the third man looking at the blueprint to instead be leaning over the left corner of the ice block with the blueprint spread out in front of him so we can see what it is. Anyway, all that other detail will be lost on a t-shirt which is seen 99% of the time from a distance of several feet, often in passing, with wrinkles in it, so ditch the numbers, which aren't hand-drawn anyway.

cbuchholz profile pic Artist

Thanks everyone for the comments! Maija, thanks so much for the critique above! In response, I'd like to say that first of all I'm proud of the design and glad that so many people enjoy it. But with that being said, i actually agree with you in some ways. I think your points are valid, mainly due to the fact that my description of the illustration, does not entirely fit what's going on in the illustration. The description creates the feeling that these are skilled artists, simply doing what they have come to love. Your absolutely right in saying that no artist of that type would need a sign reminding him to be creative. My ORIGINAL idea though, and the one that led to all the extra details, is that these are simply skilled craftsmen, or factory workers, performing there every-day perfunctory duties. So take away the misleading text, and perhaps you'll get a better idea of the concept I was after. Fortunately, if this were to be printed, it would not have my text on it. Thanks for your well thought-out comments Maija. In my opinion, receiving constructive criticism from designers all over the world is one of the best things about Threadless. And by the way, your Gesture of Protection design is incredible.


I'm glad you appreciate the critique and I hope I didn't sound too harsh. I'd like to see more constructive criticism being passed around on Threadless because I appreciate getting it too. I spend enough time in a creative vacuum. Yours is a masterful drawing and a magical concept. I imagine it's way up there on Threadless' print radar. Thanks for the compliment too.

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When will this be printed? I need to give some Christmas presents out!


Wow, this is amazing!


Great stuff! How long did this take you? and what prgm did you use? 5$


This is really beautiful. I wish I could $5 it!


now it just needs to be printed.....


wow what a wonderful design, concept and the colouring is awesome! congrats on the print


3 years later.. and I'm still wearing shirt! Today! :)


3 years later.. and I'm still wearing shirt! Today! :)


Man that's amazing love it:D

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