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ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

as simple as this is, i can't help it, i really like it. i think the way you've treated the text is perfect, and there's nothing wrong with the composition.
(love on purple)

my only qualm is that it's only text. i sort of wish to see an outline of a fox and dog that would replace those actual words. it's mostly because i don't know how well only type shirts are treated here. threadless prints very very few of them.

maybe the addition of some simple animal shapes is something you'd like to consider.
i'm rating a $4.

BaronVonMonkey profile pic Alumni

This is an awesome use of typography, especially on black

mezo profile pic Alumni

I hate that font.


could not find the link but as janus said, it has done before... and better, sorry.


This was already done... much better




i've never seen a brown fox


I've got to ask, because I really cant think, & I'm sure I'm going to feel really dumb, but why is this funny?


I was thinking there must be some deeper meaning in it for people to find it funny.

I think the other version was better sorry, but I like your other stuff.


Like the idea, but wishing the 'over' could actually be over the line, not under!

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