No more war Commodore

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No more war Commodore by kidderliverpool on Threadless
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Robsoul profile pic Alumni

maybe if the commodore was tattooed on her arm above or mixed with the skull+bones, I wouldn't mind that.

the illustration for the girl is great, maybe just add in her elbow though. like the color combo on natural tee.

lose the birds, lose the type, lose sailor boy and his gal.


i agree. i like the girl and the colors, but nothing else. i would never wear those words either. not just cuz the font sucks.
for now it's a 2, lose everying but the girl and u get a 5$


NO NEVER LOSE THE TEX!!! I agree it's a bit busy. I say leave the girl, the text, and the dude. Yeah...that would be sweet. 5$!


I love the green-hatted girl... keep her, but change her tattoo (I like the idea of putting ol' commodore there)... as of right now, the boldness of it competes a bit too much with her hat.
Move the birds to the shirt's left shoulder.
Give her an elbow.

kidderliverpool profile pic Artist

Ok, thanks for all the comments!
Might re-do the design with just the girl, it's kind of divided with people saying it's too busy right now.


Nice drawing style.


Great illustration, really good.
Is it a good tee as well though?


One more person agreeing here.........too busy....eye jumps around too real hierarchy...............good skill though.


This shirt would make a good Chirstmas gift for my boyfriend. He can take it to Iraq with him and use it for gut gauze when the marines medical supply is running low.

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