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Hass Sannnn Chop!!!!

Well executed!


^These are hardly ninjas. Gorgeous illustration. 5$


i'm usually put off by 'cool' t-shirts, but there's something really satisfying about the execution here.


Excellent, nice placement, fantastic illustration!

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sugoi. great illustration.

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Love the freeze frame. 5$


you fucking drew that? Amazing!


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Yeah, this is really a wicked illustration... I'm kinda torqued at all the "did you draw that?" comments. I think most of the legitimate artists on threadless "drew" all of the designs initially, then used illustrator to give it a clean look.

Other than that, really tight man!


absolutely freaking stunning!

i sincerely hope this wins, but the million dollar question on my mind is...what will this beautiful rendering look like after 4 coats of ink are slapped together on some cotton? if anything get about 1000 of these printed on some nice cardstock...then send them out to us.

man i wish i could draw like that....damn.


LIKEWHOACOOL I'm really hoping this gets printed. $5

Mr Rocks
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Awesome, looks best on slate I reckon.

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dunno what echofive is talking about. i've read pretty much everything miller did and there is one image in lone wolf that is similar, but hardly could be considered a hack job. besides, you have a digital painting version on your site don't you?

i'm not sure that this is a guaranteed print, but it certainly did well enough to get noticed and there is no doubt it is one of (if not THE) best pieces of drawing this site has ever seen. the only thing that holds it back is the concept isn't that creative. very, very nice work


I only wish this were on light blue or grey.. Not feeling the khaki on this. 5 though!


Funny that this ended up on orange! I like both, but the orange gave it extra sass. (Just bought!)


i'd get this only if the hand positioning for both samurai were right-handed. the sheaths are on their left so it's clear to see that they're rightys but they're holding the swords as leftys!


freaking sweet design :) & holy crap Leopoldofa is right. $5 for the design & $5 fo Leopoldofa's all seeing eye.


let me know when other colors print


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