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Papaprime profile pic Alumni

trees, heart, guns, skulls and a bird.

That's alot of clichés in one piece, luckily they work really well together.

common threadless voter named, not by me

wotto profile pic Alumni

this is shithot stuff. I really like it - gotta be on dark red. 5


Applause for being serious. It's a little too gruesome for me to wear, but I'm interested in an antiwar sentiment. I'm not excited about marching in nasty antiwar demonstrations; I'm just grieving the loss it has caused. At my job, I'm surrounded by mothers of soldiers. We don't have any deaths in our group (yet), but we have one crippling injury. On second thought, maybe it's not too gruesome. It's the war that's gruesome. It has to be on the dark red. $5

A challenge to the rest of you designers: more serious submissions!


This shirt is crazy, it looks really nice on the red background


Love this design, $5 for sure.


i agree with last part of last comment...


I love this on the red. $5, excellent job


its good for me, 5$


Nicely done, even though it has my #1 annoyance, skulls. It's still an amazing design. I like the idea of the subject in the middle cutting a Nero figure, fiddling while Rome burned, with the trees/inferno behind...exceptional.


Yes Yes and Yes!


i love this, but i would leave out the skulls... it makes it look enomly packed...
just what i think


I want it now!$5

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