no mo luv 4 U

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stotty01 profile pic Alumni

Get rid of logo at the bottom of design, and put a samurai sword in one hand and the sheath from the sword in the other.5/5 for illustration though. COOL


you're a really good illustrator but I don't like the things you draw (personal taste)
3 for the quality anyway

cintrao profile pic Artist

Leave it to Beaver (whitenucklesme) he knows he's star wars by hart. =^.^=

cintrao profile pic Artist

stotty01, usually I would never change an ilustration just because some other guy says I should do this or that, but since I'm a Samurai freak fan... Maybe you're about to have your whish come true. stay tuned! And do vote for quality If I win the elections I promisse to give you a new home, how about that? A new home for all of the generous voters out there!


man keep it real...verygood style bro...

cintrao profile pic Artist

Thanks Mr. WEWEX! I regard your, most positive, comment to this design as a source of pride and feel mutch honored by it. Your submissions to this site are of great quality, there are even some that I'll buy if they get printed.


I disagree, I don't think that the sword suggestion is in keeping with the theme that cinrao has got going on here. No Mo Luv 4 U... the devil guy has broken cupids arrow. I think it ties in perfectly, I would buy and wear this with pride. Top marks for you buddy. Keep it up :)

cintrao profile pic Artist

thanks Liam 81!


wow....urbanstyle great ~!!

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