No Acorns

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No Acorns by Bramish on Threadless
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The squirrel could do with an outline, but apart from that its good.


The squirrel could be a bit bigger. It looks like a wee baby next to the dog (unless of course the squirrels in my area are freakishly large compared to other places). I couldn't tell what it was at first.

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

I honestly thought the squirrel was supposed to be a heart at first.

Bramish profile pic Artist

Granted, the squirrel needs more work.


Not much more work, tho. An outline, and maybe make him and the building rust or brick colored? I really like this a lot.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

teh squirrel could use an outline and for some reason I want teh smoke to be less angular but other that that this is pretty sweet

Bramish profile pic Artist

You're right, there's nothing to 'get'. It's an arrangement of some buildings, a dalmatian, and a squirrel, albeit a badly drawn squirrel, that I thought looked good together. That's all.

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