Nipel Knob Effects

Design by Kontrastt

Nipel Knob Effects by Kontrastt on Threadless
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Kontrastt profile pic Artist

4 colors print.
printed on pink shirt.

would you like to play with these knobs? :)


isn't Nipel a place in France?

Kontrastt profile pic Artist

ohh.. my mistake.
you're right it has to be with double P'.
well there's a mistake in the title of this design, there is mistake in the design itself, huhhh.. it's good.
thanks for the attention on this.

Kontrastt profile pic Artist

there is NO mistake in the design itself ***
hahaha not focused, just woke up.

Kontrastt profile pic Artist

hahaha... okay, i think people should feel free to wear funny t-shirts like this.
come on, it's cool when your t-shirt i attracting others attention, i think no one will really try to touch these knobs (i'm talking about sane people).
i thought this design would cause more simple attitude.

anyways, it's for you, and it's your decision, no worries. :D

Kontrastt profile pic Artist

yeah, i just was expecting for too much heheh.. :P
thought that everybody are free minded, like the people around me, friends, and me.

for some reason i still think that most of the people who would see someone wearing it will just laugh a little bit, and not at you, not in meaning of insulting.
dunno, maybe i'm not right.

never mind, the final score will show the complete opinion haha.. :)

krokun profile pic Alumni

This would mean a lot of pain, maybe some pleaseure, but mostly pain...

Kontrastt profile pic Artist

more comments and scores please! :)

Aqueous Messages

So what your saying is I have to tune my Casio?

Kontrastt profile pic Artist

your choice hehe, but be careful with the knobs.


NO NO NO. not good. no thank you.

ounom profile pic Alumni
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crazy concept!

The Brando

This just invites extrainious purple nurples, which I recieve my share of already, however I do dig the design in and of itself.

Kontrastt profile pic Artist

okay thanks hehe..


what the hell is a nippel?

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