Ninja Girl

Design by Pukagurl

Ninja Girl by Pukagurl on Threadless
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cool design, if it wasn't for the astounding clam.


Awesome. $5 (except for the crotch lines, mind you)


Great illustration, minus the crotch lines. I think you'll lose some in your average score for those, which is a shame because you could take them out easily if told you were going to be printed.


i think the design is really good! the crotch lines dont bother me..thats what happens when someones sitting like that..i guess cus the white is so defined thats whats probably throwing it off. but its a cute drawing and i would like to see it on a tee.


cameltoe, anyone..? but seriously, its a very nice, stylized drawing. different tee color would be nice, but I know you can change that later. the way she's sitting, though, makes it look like she fell backwards and caught herself on her hand. put her in a crouching position and i'd buy!


yeah, put my vote in for "re-submit without crotch lines"! Other then that, good design!

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