Ninety Nomadic Narwhals

Design by SLVG

Ninety Nomadic Narwhals by SLVG on Threadless
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cute as a onesie!!

alexmdc profile pic Staff

cool, but sorta bad placement since it looks like his horn is going up the other ones bottom, it would be cool to show it overlapping somehow to get rid of that illusion, good work tho,cute for the kids :)

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

there's a lot of bad overlapping in this pattern.

randyotter3000 profile pic Alumni
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i think the anal penetration sells this to me make them look like they enjoy it ungreatful creatures


looks great on shirt!!!! cheers!!

Acerbic Sorbet

I love the narwhal design - very cute. Not keen on the belt print aspect, though. I think it'd look better as one narwhal in an ocean setting.. or maybe a large one with a few babies following in a pod?

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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A little more Escher styling to the narwhals forming themselves going the other way might really help this shirt out.


Cute kids tee!


I agree with the anal argument, and what FRICKINAWESOME said. Otherwise, cute.

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