night witches

Design by joslin

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joslin profile pic Artist

A new try for me! 'hope it will work ;)


Gorgeous :)


This is really nice....great work....

Savage Companion

Is she laying there cause she's sleeping or because she's dead? looks like her neck has been broken.

wotto profile pic Alumni

I really like this and have looked at it 3 times today.

joslin profile pic Artist

thank you guys, I'm not sure it's scary. Actually I didn't want it to be... I wanted something quiet but a little bit dark. And yes perhaps something is weird with the positioning with neck/head but I didn't want it to be broken and she's just asleep :) Your comments made me happy


Right now it looks a little freaky but i love the hair cascading down like a waterfall. you should redo it with her on a bed resting her head on a pill and it flowing down off of that. I think that would fix the dark gloomy feel of it.

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