Night Birds

Design by cbuchholz


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very nice, love the birds


looking good!

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This design was inspired by a real sign that I saw while driving home one evening on a dusty country road. I thought that the movement created by the intertwining vine was really interesting and beautiful. I took ten or 15 photographs of it before the owner of the farm nearby got nervous and started giving me dirty looks. I think that he thought I worked for the state or something, because the next morning the sign was vineless.

The birds and the title were inspired by a Ryan Adams song.

Constructive criticism welcome!


thats so cool i love it. and i like how the birds eyes are the same as the stars.. maybe make this smaller and to the bottom right!

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I like the colors. $5

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this is really interesting. the sign might be a little too dominant for my tastes, but a really solid 4.

i look forward to seeing more designs from you.



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Really great. 5$


Fantastic! $5

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Those are good points anaeromyxo! I tried to create the feeling of birds in all different positions using about 4 different bird drawings. Guess that might not be enough though. I didn't want any birds in the state of flight though. At a quick glimpse, I wanted the viewer to think it's just a sign with a vine on it and stars, no birds. Then on a closer look the birds would come more into focus. As if these particular birds are often ignored by the normal late-night driver speeding by. I guess that the vine is a little weak to support the weight of so many birds, I suppose I could add a thicker branch or two. thanks for the comments!


I dig those colors! 5$

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thanks for all the comments. I'm glad you guys like it. Regarding all the comments about size/placement... When I first did this design my gut told me that it would look best smaller than it is now, and placed on the bottom right of the shirt. Seemed like it would work, but when I saw it I changed my mind. Just didn't feel right to me. In fact, most places I put it it didn't quite feel right. This was the only place I was really happy, though I may very well be wrong. thanks for the comments!


oh how i hope the print this


absolutely exquisite...nothing to criticize whatsoever...$5


yea me 2.... Maybe they will review it. It's such a nic looking shirt


What's so cool with this design? lol

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