night and moon

Design by edgarscratch

night and moon by edgarscratch on Threadless
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rest in silence

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Also, there seems to be a lack of key storytelling in this tee that i both admire and am displeased by. Is it a peaceful night walking through the alleyway, or is it about to get very dangerous? Is this a snapshot from a first person RPG, is Oscar The Grouch about to pop out of the trashcan, and who did such a bad placement of putting their obtuse flyer up for people to read in an alley? Why are the "day" clouds out at night or why is the moon out in the day? I'm so confused!

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heuheuhheueheu thanks you guys

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the hero was gone, hit some bad guys and the world rest in silence


love the design, but the sky looks out of place, different style, not well defined etc. if it was slightly altered or skyless, i would totally buy this shirt!

lawrence loh
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i prefer to see it all in black colour shirt.


would like the moon and the alley in separate compositions. really like the moon's face, though!


feels like an old tootsie roll commercial... but not as cool.

Bio-bot 9000
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This seems like a Colorforms book with no Colorforms.

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