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mcmarcg profile pic Artist

Much ado was made about the ominous prophecies of Nostradamus. Rarely do we ever here about the prophecies of his twin brother "Nicetradamus". As it turns out, everything was Peace, Rainbows, Balloons, Kittens, Puppies, and flowers...

I highly suggest looking at it bigger by clicking below (but come back to score it!).

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unexpected combinations :D great!

Skap 1er

Nice!!!! haha

mcmarcg profile pic Artist

hmm, this was just put online like 4 hours ago, I have no idea how it already says "6 days left"...anyway...


great work!!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Super great idea and play off of all the dour things the Nos man supposedly foretold. Would like to see it come together into one image better than the spread-out way the pieces are positioned now. Keep it up!

mcmarcg profile pic Artist

Thanks, Frickenawesome (I guess) haha.

I actually like it the way it is now, almost makes it more of an iconic religious looking piece (kinda positioned in a triangle). But you are probably right for what the peeps would like.


nice work!

mcmarcg profile pic Artist

Just end already!!!!!!! Life.

See, you thought the sentence was over and that you knew the meaning of it...but oh no.

R0D profile pic Alumni

cool! I like the combination of color

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