Nice Swimshorts, Jimmy

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Nice Swimshorts, Jimmy by stingerstyler on Threadless
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very the colourway..
I'd wear this..and I don't sasy that

Luke... profile pic Alumni

great illustration...
whats worse the shark bite or the embarrasing shorts choice..haha

stingerstyler profile pic Artist

haha, just wait till you see my other sub which is an addition to this one! Thanks!


This turned out nice, good stuff


i like this one, but i LOVE the sequel


AHHHHHH i LOVE the diptych!!!!

Rockslide profile pic Alumni

that's pretty cool stinger, I like it a lot. I think the only suggestion I have is that the overall shape of the piece is a bit lacking to me. I think it would have been cool to see on the sides a little more play with the negative space. Like seeing some of the blue water poke through the coral. I don't know if that makes sense. Patches of the water blue off in the total navy blue at the bottom sides. I still really like it though, good job, fun shirt.


awesome job. Wow, I remember seeing you working on this one in the blogs. Looks great. 5


@yellwoman: it's blue, adjust your screen.

stingerstyler profile pic Artist

^yup, it's actually pretty dark navy, but it would work on black as well.


yowser ... 5$


i like it... 5$

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

thia is one of the best designs in weeks, it def needs printing.

stingerstyler profile pic Artist

oh, crap... I wake up and see this link. That's weird. I can't say there's no similarities, but I can say that I've never seen this image in my life.

If you see my blog about this sub, you can see how it evolved. As I said in the first posting, I got the idea during a LOST episode where a character called Sawyer was in the water with a shark and filmed from below (there was no shark in the picture, only the atmosphere of it striking any time soon.).

The first sketch I made was only of a swimmer and some sharks, and later I added the cave as a border. All images can be found at my blog, I added a link to the first sketch as well.

stingerstyler profile pic Artist

SOrry, I tried to keep the info as minimum as possible ;) How come you haven't seen that one yet?

stingerstyler profile pic Artist

Steve, thank you for defending me. I really appreciate this. Cheers!


stinger- shhhh with the LOST already!!!!! i live in denamrk, we are always a year behind when it comes to television shows...

Clemsonspike- din mor!

enough with this, i agree with steve! the end! fin! punktum!

stingerstyler profile pic Artist

Mutteanne: Tak venner!!

And I won't say anything about lost no more. But I live in Holland and the show seems to be pretty much up to date around here. I love it!


oh stinger spoke danish, im so happy :) yes lost is super, and so is your design (ba dam dam)


wow. 5


Please make...please make...please make!!!!!!!!!!!

renfrue profile pic Alumni

this got printed!

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