nice suit you´re wearing mr. chameleon

Design by anothashirt

nice suit you´re wearing mr.  chameleon by anothashirt on Threadless
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anothashirt profile pic Artist

There are two important questions about this design.
First: WHO the heck doesn´t have a chameleon in his pocket if he´s goin out suited?

Second: WHAT would the chameleon look like?

Maybe, I have already given an answer to one of the questions - who knows.

Comments are really welcome :)

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Cute take on the shirt as a different article of clothing, the thing that really takes this to strangely appealing country for me is the pocket chameleon as an added goofy bonus! Nice one.

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really cool!


Wow! Love this!!!

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thanks folks :)

Bio-bot 9000
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it's a suit within a suit disguised as a shirt.

or something.

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