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Ava Adore

haha nice glasses. cool characters

bananaphone profile pic Artist

umm my design means nothing?

Or you just don't understand it.

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

I remember you linking this in a blog as the "best design ever", I thought it was someone elses' work as your work has a very particular flair to it. Color me suprised.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

its supposed to be blase to represent the discussion and subject. the same kind of humour as "the future is boring"

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

I don't know if that was a comment for Torn Jesus or me.

I get it, I like the simplicity on the subject and your style goes nicely against the grain of alot of rectalinear designs in this contest.

Though personally, the designs you're making that work the best for me are the collage pieces.


Perfect for this competition!


i'm not too into your style. After a while a lot of your designs look the same. . .well. . .very similar.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

see what i dont understand is why you said that on THIS design, which is completely different to pretty much anything i do.


HA ha, reminds me of a Toothpaste for Dinner comic. Cool.


I like it. It's like a distillation of a lot of conversations I've had. A lot.

sonmi profile pic Alumni



I totally love this design.

I look miserable in natural, but this is tasty nonetheless.
(Though Steve already covered it.)

bananaphone profile pic Artist

if im such an overrated design maybe you ought to stop overrating me by devoting all your time following my posts around?


well theres 3 minutes of my life ill never get back :|

Design causes too much thinking. Be aware that your audience isn't quite the most intelligent. Therefore stupefying a design can be a must, or else a majority wont understand.

lame. oh, make that 4 minutes.

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